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If you make good music but no one hears it, does it exist?

Be part of the local music revolution and get the exposure you deserve - for free - on

Our mission is to get your music out there. Your music will be heard by a large and diverse audience, getting you the exposure you've been looking for.

Here's how this works.

  1. You must be a San Diego resident.
  2. Original songs only - no covers.
  3. You'll retain all rights to your songs and can pull them at any time.
  4. This site makes no money off your songs. 100% of the money earned from downloads goes towards the non-profit groups that are protecting the seals.
  5. There's no charge, but we do ask for reciprocal promotion, which could be as simple as adding our link to your site or as cool as talking us up at your shows.

Ready? Then request a submission package.

Send an email to and include either a link to your songs or a mp3 file. If selected, you'll get a package that includes a band questionnaire and agreement form. We want all kinds of music so don't worry if your music doesn't seem to fit what's already on the site. That's the point!

Now isn't it time your music was heard?


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Crush The Rose
My Room

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La Jolla Seal News

Spring 2012: Some great new songs just added! Go to the Listen page to hear the lastest. Download every song for $5 and all money goes to La Jolla Friends of Seals, a non-profit group to help our furry friends. With pupping season in full swing, the crazy anti-seal bunch are at it again so help out by listening and downloading!