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Locals Fight to Save the La Jolla Seals from being Kicked Off the Beach

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A Short History of a Long Controversy

This is one crazy story. The seals have always made La Jolla their home, long before the sea wall was constructed in 1931. Little did Ellen Browning Scripps know when she dedicated the wall "exclusively to public park, bathing pool for children, parkway, highway, playground, and recreational purposes" that she would set off a fierce battle between those who love the seals, and those who believe the beach is theirs.

For many years, the seals remained on the rocks beyond the sea wall and generations of locals cherished the cove. And then one day a curious seal peeked around the wall and found a protected cove, perfect for lounging and raising pups. That was around the mid-90's and the word spread amongst the seals. Soon, Casa Beach changed from a local swimming spot into a worldwide phenomenon.

Who Doesn't Love the Seals?

But not everyone liked the seals. A small minority of locals felt that people should come first, not wildlife, and quote Ellen Browning Scripps dedication "for children" to mean "not for seals". Ropes around the seals and their pups went up, came down, and back up again, an annual fight between those who want to protect the seals and those who want them gone.

And the anti-seal groups are unrelentless, crossing the ropes and setting up umbrellas next to the pups with "beach open" signs, enticing unknowing tourists to cross the lines, doing everything they can to scare the seals back into the ocean. They claim they want to share the beach but act more like spoiled children than adults with their actions.

Even with the majority of San Diegan's and La Jollan's supporting protecting the seals, the Mayor has remained quiet and the court battle continue.

Someday soon we might go to the beach and find the seals gone, replaced by beach towels and lawn chairs just like every other beach in San Diego. And we'll wonder how we let that happen just so a few locals can have "their" beach back. But will the children of tomorrow benefit from gaining an additional small parcel of beach, or will they mourn the loss of being able to see a natural habitat unlike anything on the west coast?


Helping the seals is easy. to the Mayor and City Council member Sherri Lightner and tell them you support protecting the La Jolla seals.

One Email to Save the Seals

Helping the seals is easy. the Mayor and City Council member Sherri Lightner and tell them you support saving the seals by turning Casa Beach into a protected seal area.

The current ruling is "shared use", meaning both people and seals have equal access to the beach. This is crazy talk! "Shared Use" is what allows the anti-seal group to put beach towels next to pups and toss Frisbees amongst the seals with their goal of scaring them off. Let's protect this resource once and for all.

And remember, all money collected from downloads goes to the La Jolla Friends of the Seals, a non-profit group dedicated to keeping the seals on the beach.

Share the Love

Tell your friends by tweeting this page and sharing it on Facebook! The only way the seals will win is if we can get lots of people telling our elected officials that we support the seals.

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A Day at the Beach

Nothing better than going to the beach and snapping some pics of the seals. Got any good ones? Email Me and I'll send you some info on how to get your pics on this page.

Group of seals Up close with La Jolla Seals Looking North at La Jolla Sea Wall at La Jolla with Seals Repectful crown watching seals

A beautiful set of seal pics by Nick Chill

Thanks to Bill Meinke for this great set. See more of Bill's photos at Meinke Photography.

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La Jolla Seal News

Spring 2012: Some great new songs just added! Go to the Listen page to hear the lastest. Download every song for $5 and all money goes to La Jolla Friends of Seals, a non-profit group to help our furry friends. With pupping season in full swing, the crazy anti-seal bunch are at it again so help out by listening and downloading!