Amazing Story of How a Local Guy Became Wally

The original San Diego local guy

This is the story of a cat named Wally who met a writer named Gary and together ended up becoming the San Diego local experts.

It begins back in 1996 when I was writing the first version of my guide to San Diego. When it came time to name the site I was stumped. But in walked my orange cat and in a moment of brilliant brain freeze the name Local Wally popped into my head.

Over the years Local Wally's Guide to San Diego ( has won numerous awards (Best Local Site from both The San Diego Union Tribune and The Reader) and spawned sister guides on Napa and Sonoma as well. And yes, Wally is still around somewhere, probably sleeping in the garage, though he's now Wally the 6th.

Add Some Local Music to Your Day

San Diego has a lot of cool things to offer, including great local music. Just go to any street fair or local event and you'll hear unsigned bands playing original tunes, music that deserves to be heard. As a musician myself, I love the music scene so decided to build a site to help these local bands out.

At the same time, I wanted to do something to drive awareness of the plight of the seals in La Jolla. The two ideas fit nicely together and was born.

So take a listen to some local music, share it with your friends, download some songs, and tell your musician buddies to get their songs in here. This is San Diego, and this is your music.

Local Wally

Featured Song

Cruisin' Highway 101

Pop Out Player

La Jolla Seal News

Spring 2012: Some great new songs just added! Go to the Listen page to hear the lastest. Download every song for $5 and all money goes to La Jolla Friends of Seals, a non-profit group to help our furry friends. With pupping season in full swing, the crazy anti-seal bunch are at it again so help out by listening and downloading!